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FREEDOM for the 13 Political Prisoners arrested in Suchitoto, El Salvador

Statement of the FMLN on the police repression which occurred on Monday, July 2, in the city of Suchitoto.


A peaceful protest by humble local residents, who were expressing themselves in defense of water and against the privatization policies of the government of President Saca, turned into a scene of repression with the massive and indiscriminate use of the combined forces of the army and the police, in which artillery vehicles with 30 mm machine-guns, various types of helicopters, as well as units of the UMO [ant-riot squad], the UTO [???] and the GRP [Police Reaction Unit] were deployed.

Police reports state that no knives or guns were found.

As the result of this action, 81 persons reported wounds and blows attended to by first aid organizations, in addition to thirty persons attended to in the Suchitoto hospital and many cared for by the same local residents.

14 persons are reported to have been arrested in an arbitrary and indiscriminate manner. One is hospitalized in the [local] Social Security [hospital] in serious condition, as the result of the disproportionate use of force by police officers. Two of those arrested claim to have been tortured, intimidated and threatened with being thrown out while being moved by helicopter. These 14 people have become the first political prisoners of the ARENA regime. [the governing party]

In view of these facts:

1. We express our solidarity with the victims of the repression, as well as the affected families.

2. We claim the right of the people, set out in the Constitution of the Republic, to demonstrate peacefully against government abuses and privatization policies, above all in the defense of water.

3. We condemn the repression against the people in the most energetic terms.

4. We reject the opportunistic manipulation by the government of President Saca, based on developments achieved by the Municipality of Suchitoto. We consider the visit by Saca a provocation against our ranks, on the very day commemorating one year since the cruel murder of Mr. and Mrs. Manzanares, a cruel murder which continues unpunished.

5. We reject the attempt to apply special or anti-terrorist laws to humble local residents while impunity abounds in our country.

6. We call upon the international community to express its solidarity with the political prisoners and to speak out against this act of repression against the Salvadorean people.

We demand the immediate release of the 14 political prisoners!


July 7, 2007

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Domingo, 05 de agosto de 2007 | 1:12
no jodas hijueputa, por un momento pense que te referias a los pobres presos que tiene Fidel en su isla/carcel, ah, se me olvidaba que de eso te haces el ojo pacho, semejante mierdero.